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Emanuel Grech (Group Scout Leader)

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Meetings on Saturdays


The Scout Method is our main pedagogy to deliver our section program to our young people. This mainly focus on empower young people to learn by doing and collaborate between each other to reach their goals. Adult leaders are periodically trained to keep abreast to new methodologies and deliver the best experience to our young members.

Mtarfa Scout Group was founded on 3rd July 2010, relatively the youngest scout group on the Maltese Islands. Our group colors (scarf) has a tangerine body with white and blue borders. Each color which each member carries has a particular significance to our mission statement and targets to reach as a group for a better world.

Tangerine is the color of social communication and optimism.

White is the color of perfection and completion.

Blue is the color of loyalty and integrity.

Mission Statement

"Scouting is a Game with a purpose. Fun is the game, learning is the process and values are the purpose" Robert Baden Powell

On the above quote by the Scouts founder (Sir Robert Baden Powell), it helps us to remember and easily explain what SCOUTING is all about. We believe that all our members enjoy their missions and learn new life skills along their path of their scouting life. In simple terms, from the young age we encourage them by giving measurable challenges in decision making, team work, collaboration and leadership.

"Build a better world"

The above is the WOSM mission statement which is a single world wide organisation drive us to an objective to educate our young people through non formal education using the Scout Method that make each individual as self reliant, supportive, responsible and committed person.